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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  June 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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gusty winds but the good sign here presently through the region is around the shore at atlantic city and south towards ocean city that has the severe thunderstorm and the severe thunderstorm warning goes into effect for the next half hour but more than likely they will cancel this warning early because the storm is basically now along the shore if not about to move out to sea that is anywhere from atlantic city to ocean city and as far south as atlantic city. 17 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes a lot of energy with this storm with respect of lightning bolts and winds in excess of 60 miles per hour and the heaviest of the storms was off the coast, in sea isle city and the sun is poking out approaching atlantic city, and this is off the coast over the
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next 5 to 10 minutes and nothing now has popped behind the storm. these scattered storms that develop this evening again are hit and miss and if they do pop up lightning is the biggest concern and the torrential downpours and strong winds on the moderate side and winds and tornadoes not a risk for that for downpours or thunderstorms that develop. double scan live radar we are tracking the cold front that is a heat buster and not a lot of action along the front and it's fractured and not everyone is dry this evening, but we'll watch for the possibility of a few of those pop-ups and the heat index is very uncomfortable and 95 in philadelphia and notice syracuse and pittsburgh and low 80s, and comfortable air is moving in and the drop in temperature and humidity looking at the seven day in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. >> the high heat and humidity did not stop outdoor graduation
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ceremonies from happening today. the action cam was in fairmount park where the high school held its graduation this morning, we found people fanning themselves and doing anything to beat the heat they sent students home mid-day today because of the high heat, before we head out the door check out the storm tracker 6 app on your mobile device, can you check out the weather for your exact location and follow our them of meteorologists on facebook and twitter. it was a scary day for workers at local military facilities. the buildings were evacuated for a threat but authorities are being vague as to what that threat was. chad pradelli is live now with more. >> reporter: sources tell "action news" that the evacuations were due to recent intelligent gathering and in the
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end officials say this was a none credible threat. it was just before 11:00 a.m. when the evacuation was ordered at the support facility in lawndale and a shipyard in south philadelphia. evacuees say there was no sense of urgency to the evacuation and they were provided few details. >> we didn't get too much information but it was a charlie and we had to evacuate immediately. >> it's near businesses unrelated to the navy. liza owns the mercer cafe. >> we were wondering what was going on and someone came in and said you should evacuate everyone is leaving there is a threat, there is a threat. >> she and her employees stayed put and soon after both facilities were cleared and we were told that it was a result of recent intelligence gathering and there threat was called
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non-credible. and the navy's none essential personnel, but not bello. >> i aam happy to have the customers. >> a threat level is raised to the highest levels that is threat protection charlie, the fbi, navy and police continue to investigate. live in south philadelphia chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news.." >> chad, thank you. >> two brothers were arraigned on robbery and assault charges, after a delaware home invasion germane and sterling wallace broke into the house on old cedar road yesterday a 7-year-old boy and his mother were tied up when the suspects took money and jewelry from a safe. they later arrested the brothers along with a juvenile during a traffic stop, the wallaces are held on $500,000 bail and police are looking for a fourth
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suspect. someone is busy stealing taxis in west philadelphia and they believe the thief struck 10 times and that he was captured on surveillance video during one of them. in each case the taxi was from the 215 get a cab service. sharrie williams is talking to police about this case today and has a full report coming up tonight at 5:00. with just before 3 months to go before pope francis's historic visit in september, leaders talked about transportation, mayor nutter and others talked about how reads will be able to deal with massive crowds desending on our city it's a different kind of event one that will last a few days at least. somewhere between 1 and 2 million people will visit the city to catch a glimpse of the
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pope as he comes for the world meeting of families. private cars are not practical don't plan on driving anywhere in the city that weekend and be prepared to walk long distances and when it comes to mass transit, plan ahead because pickup and drop-off will be affected. >> there are a lot of people coming, you need to think of other options, even getting to mass transit. that is the best way to get to the parkway or downtown or old city we need to really help people understand this is a very different event. >> the city will be handing out special brochures to spell it all out for you, they explain this is the largest event in modern history in philadelphia and are trying to make it as smooth as possible. meanwhile delegates from the archdiocese and the city of philadelphia are heading to rome next week for their final meetings before the pope's visit
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and our very own brian taff will be there as well. look for his reports live from rome starting monday right here on "action news." >> thank you aalicia. the eagles opened their first day of mini camp and fans have a lot of questions but the biggest one pay be the health of their new quarterback. jaime apody is live and we heard from sam bradford today. how is he feeling? >> he looked good i'll tell you that, all 90 guys were here today happily working hard in the heat in the final organized workouts until training camp opens in august all eyes were on sam bradford he participated in seven on seven drills but held out of the 11 on he action. chip kelly was asked if he was ready for that and he said god i hope so. i can tell that you bradford throws a beautiful ball and his
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receivers are very impressed and he is getting more and more comfortable with the system with each passing day. >> it's ota with a different title, pretty much what we have been doing the last couple of weeks and i feel like i have continued to progress and i felt good out there today. >> of course the other topic that everyone is talking about is evan mathis. chip kelly said that mathis and his agents asked for a release and one of his more outspoken teammates coming up at 4:30. >> jaime the eagles providing no short able of things for the town to talk about it. time for the "action news" traffic report with matt pellman. >> the weather is keeping us talking but they are long gone
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from this area, in the western bushes, things have dried out nicely and the sun is back out and now the traffic is starting to slow with the normal afternoon volume of 422 by the oaks interchange and activity at the trooper road interest change with a stuck truck mid-day. watching a crash involving a pedestrian in upper moreland, montgomery county by the ritas and the may funeral home in abington a wreck at easton road. and a bad crash in newark closing down old baltimore pike at 896 use polanski highway address your alternate about this. that is a parking lot -- watch out for a crash along route 30 the white horse pike at waterford road. lets grab the ipad and do this commuter report on this
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tuesday afternoon. we are watching a pothole on west 53rd street and 52nd street remains shut down because of the water main break from sunday. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> chipping aaway at the work week. >> thank you matt. >> a popper larry tailer announces they are closing hundreds of stores and a deadly collapse at a college campus why the story is getting international concerns. >> and members of the air national guard pull ofz an accomplishment.
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wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. six people are dead and seven others hurt after balcony collapse at a california college. witnesses told police that people were celebrating a 21st birthday here on the fourth floor and that is just blocks away from u.c. berkeley and there were groups of people
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standing on the balcony when it gave out. >> two desperate students waived me down and i took them to high lan hospital. they were friends of people on the balcony a couple of the women did not have shoes and one woman had blood on her knees. >> the victims were between the ables of 20 and 22 irish officials say that they were all irish citizens and part of a summer exchange program. u.s. air strike has dealt a major blow to al qaeda the second in command is dead the drone killed the leader who is in charge of yemen it is considered one of the most dangerous terror organization in the world they were behind the attack on french newspaper, charlie hebdo.
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and there was a $10 million bound youy on his head and analysts say that his death is the biggest blow to al qaeda since the death inform osama bin laden. gaps are closing 20% of their stores across north america shutting down 75 stores in all and 250 people from their headquarters in san francisco it does not effect the other brands like banana republic and old navy. they have not said if the closures would affect -- after gap sales dropped 10% from last year dismal is not the word to describe wall street the closing numbers the dow up 113 points and the nasdaq up 12 points on the day americans gave $358 billion to charity last year, according to giving usa
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an organization that tracks donations, the first year that it exceeded prerecession levels. religious organizations are the biggest recipients getting $115 billion last year. and the biggest percentage is from individual donors. another day and another candidate today donald trump officially declared his candidacy, he made his campaign announcement in new york city the 12th republican to throw his hat into the ring, under the rules only the top 10 candidates will be on stage for debates and currently that includes donald trump. it's an incredible disfinancial for the delaware air national guard this year air man were able to apply for the academy in colorado spring colorado and three delaware air guards man have been accepted.
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they will receive a free world class education and enter into a military service career. webber and mcfadden will major in engineering and they all say they are extremely excited for the opportunity and the competition just to get accepted into the air force academy is intense and they are humbled. >> i left for training and was gone for almost a year and i fell in love with the military i love almost everything about it, and the academy was a big compromise, very prestigious degree and military could become my life. >> in the end if they all graduate from the air force academy, the three of them will have received more than a million dollars combined in free education funds. big day for the naval academy and three of our locals here. turning to accuweather once
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again for what is shaping up to be an unsettled evening. lets check in with adam joseph. >> the severe thunderstorm warning expired early and it's off the coast of atlantic city to ocean city and one area developed near cape may and the rest of region fairly quiet at the present time, as we look at double scan live, you can see everything is off the coast severe lightning and well to the east of ocean city and cape may a little downpour popped up and that will push off the coast and as we slide to the north and west a couple of showers in berks county northern and east of reading and south of allentown and a few more around i-80 to the poconos, they are slowly drifting and they are hit or miss. you hear us talk about the pop-up storms they are really hard to forecast where they develop and who is going to see the rain and this is a perfect image of an example that matt
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sent me on my twitter page, it's a definitive line of where it is raining and where it is sunny the street next to you could be pouring and your street could be sunny and dry this is an classic example of how you have these pop-ups that really rain themselves out in one community and not another. steamy out there 89 in philadelphia and 90 in dover and upper 80s along the shore communes and then factor in the winds and the high humidity, and 95 in philadelphia and upper 90s in delaware. and reading coming in at 93 degrees. a cold front coming in from the west a lot of storms are developing late this afternoon and this evening, they drift through communities and now from
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8:30, everything is pushing off the coast and northwesterly wins are setting in and we are drying out and lowering the humidity and for tonight a few early pop-ups and temperatures in the 60s north and west and 60s in southern parts of new jersey and delaware and you'll notice the drop in humidity to the midnight hour, double scan radar down towards texas there is tropical storm bill, that made landfall to corpus christi and houston, can you see the circulation around bill and torrential rain and thunderstorms and that rain continues to drift into the eastern part of the dallas 4 to 8 inches dallas houston and east of oklahoma city and tulsa and then it pivots its way to springfield and kentucky and into the day on friday. a flooding threat remains in the deep south and the tennessee valley your four day at 4:00 forecast lower humidity at 84
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morning rain on thursday with a temperature of 79 degrees, and a pretty nice friday here, sun and clouds and 85 and a few scattered storms on saturday. 83 degrees, not a washout but a few storms, on thursday at 7:30 in the evening, we'll have a weather special called summer storms, keeping you safe, we'll give you a behind the scenes look aat double scan radar and how it operates and how we put a forecast together here and a summer preview of what to expect and the hurricane season as well. >> you guys are working hard on the special and it will be great. >> the whole team is involved. >> thank you aadam. a day to celebrate. the class of 20 is a graduated from carve high and students received their diplomas before their families at carver university it's one of the schools that held commencement even with the early dismissal.
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the life and legacy lives on to an incredible young man clifford brown the 25-year-old was a premier trumpeter of his tame before a tragic car accident claimed his life in 1956 each year artists gather to perform his ositions in his honorer. and nasty weather moved through our area, and find out how it is still impacting one local community. >> a story of love lost and bravery, how this family is both mourning and celebrating a fallen hero.
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from our delaware now is room, theeds people were taken into custody at route and route 13, this was the targeted area because people complained about prostitution and other quality of life crime there's and many people charge ready now out on jail. the corruption trial for senator bob menendez will stay in knowledge a federal judge in new jersey made the ruling. and menendez and his attorney asked for the change because most of the charges happen there had. the doctor is also facing charges. still to come one dad in
4:27 pm
georgia may get an extra card or two, all because of what he did to save his son. >> pretty incredible. we are live where residents are cleaning up from a storm, it left a mess behind and the sinkhole next. >> what is the deal with wage hunt refunds, people filed months ago but have yet to get their refund checks. right now verizon is offering unlimited talk and text. plus 10 gigs of shareable data.
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"action news" news continues. it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with the reason a former ravens cheerleader has to register as a sex offender. and she worked with children for more than a decade and that ended with an active shooter drill. why this woman was fired for telling students about the sandy hook tragedy. >> and he was her father and hero how a family is mourning and celebrating the life a police officer, one powerful photo at a time. but we begin at 4:30 with an accuweather both steamy and stormy. you are looking live at to views of the same thunderstorm, on the right the sky 6 hd over atlantic city and on the left a radar image from storm tracker 6, it's on the coast now but more activity could develop, lets get
4:30 pm
to adam joseph for the latest. >> these storms pop out of nowhere and hit hard quickly and the sunshine comes back out quickly, most of the area is seeing the sunshine and the steam but to the south a couple of pop-ups near came may and the lehigh valley, and a few showers are trying to develop. as we look at double scan live radar from 4:00 we have a severe thunderstorm from atlantic city to sea isle city, are you in the clear to head back to the sand, from atlantic city to sea isle city and a couple of downpours from lewes delaware, no lightning with that as we lift far to the north and west, we are dealing with a couple of showers near bethel to the north at wolmersdorfs and this area had yellows and it's fading to the south and east, and as this point not much happening but we could still see a downpour or thunderstorm pop of the next
4:31 pm
couple of hours. if it does it will be extremely scattered and most of us are dry here this evening, and they could contain dangerous lightning and locally heavy rain briefly and isolate the storm wind gusts and as we look at double scan live radar and it's a cold front we are tracking and most of the energy is to the north and to the south in west virginia and in between the two little happening at the present time but what is happening as the front continues to pass through here this evening, it will flood in the northwesterly winds and brian right now highs in the 60s, 70s and 80s in the great lakes and a piece of that more comfortable air moves in for wednesday and we'll talk about the break and heat and humidity and the return of summer storms by the weekend coming up in the full ac had-. >> welcome to break thanks very much, the bad weather is the last thing people in the lehigh valley want to hear about today. heavy rain flood parts of
4:32 pm
bethlehem leaving a mess behind including a sinkhole. david henry is joining us live from the scene with more on the story today. >> reporter: brian these power lines, high tension lines run through this residential neighborhood and you can imagine how alarming it was last night when the five foot deep sunk hole started opening up this 75 foot tower, this entire area was hit by flash flooding last night that left a path of destruction. they were cleaning up the mud at the willow park center it was left by the swift waters of nancy run that overturned its banks and toppled this stone wall and the water came into the businesses and left a mess, flood debris clogged the intersection of willow park road and the keystone pub was surrounded by sandbag as the
4:33 pm
water came racing down the hill, this sinkhole appeared at the base of this power line tower others moved their cars fearing the lines may come down in the street, ppl electric says the tower was never in jeopardy of tipping over and a crew filled the hole with stabilizing material this morning and laid sandbag and hay across a drainage ditch. residents were also cleaning up today. >> basements filled and homes flooded. >> they have had it bad here before but this time it came on like a dam burst. >> the water was just racing down here, and all of a sudden you realize oh my gosh, this is not going to be a good turn out. >> well, the quick hitting storm
4:34 pm
left behind a lot of damage but fortunately there was no damage out here and this compromised tower along with these others had been scheduled to be replaced by the end of this summer. live in bethlehem, david henry channel 6 "action news." >> all right thanks very much. remember the "action news" facebook page can help you get ready for a muggy or stormy day and we post your accuweather forecast in 20 seconds, just what you need in your timeline make sure you like our facebook page abcaction news. >> and an office building gutted by a massive blaze the action cam returned to market and north church streets this afternoon crews were busy boarding up windows and stabilizing the roof a good portion of the complex went up in flames just after 9:00 last night it took
4:35 pm
firefighters four hours to get the blaze under control and the cause is still under investigation. >> philadelphia police say that a woman wearing black muslim clothing and latex gloves tried to rob a bank today trk happened at the pnc and the woman handed the teller a note just after 10:00 this morning, it's not clear if she got away with anything. officers tracked her get away van off tyrone road but she was gone. a former baltimore ravens cheerleader accused of having sex with a teenager in delaware plead guilty to one woun of felony rape, this game days after molly shaddock's trial was to begin. she pled not guilty to rape and provideing alcohol to minors this aafter beginning an
4:36 pm
inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old boy in maryland. as part of her plea deal, shaddock must now register as a sex offend and faces up to 15 years in prison in august. camden county homeowners has a new asset to protect their belongings from criminal. it's plant based dna it make its easier to recover property they can use ultra violet light. and they will alert intruders that their property is marked. pretty incredible one here, surgery has given a little girl in north carolina the ability to hear for the first time. anchor rick williams, is live in the newsroom with the details. >> it's an incredible story for
4:37 pm
sure, the 18-month-old got implants and right away heard her parents' voices lincoln westbrook was all smiles yesterday after the surgery was complete and the implants were turned on for the first time. ali gorman tells house how lincoln decided to get the surgery even after her insurance company said they would not pay for it. >> coming up at 5:00 tonight, find out how local high school grads dealt with their outdoor diploma ceremonies on this sweltering day. until them back to the studio we'll see you later. >> rick see you later. proud parents is a common sign across philadelphia today. families were cheering on 2015,
4:38 pm
after the ceremony in spring garden seniors received their diplomas today and the only graders have their ceremony tomorrow. 18 senior hartists were honored in center city. the artwork was put out in locations across the city during the month of may. betsy has painted public murals in philadelphia and across the world, all part of the corpse for abling 13th annual celebrate arts and aging program. still ahead if you haven't yet received a wage tax refund for the state of philadelphia are you not alone. what's the deal with the check? >> and she had answers and those answers caused a school employee her job why she was fired after telling students about the sandy hook tragedy. and a tragedy called bitter sweet and beautiful, called how we meet again.
4:39 pm
and meteorologist adam joseph back with the full accuweather forecast.
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>> the boy was not hurt but breaking his arm among other injuries and the thief got away and is still on the loose today.
4:42 pm
the world's busiest airports are catching on to the simple concept last year heathrow airport in london opened a temporary yoga room it's so successful it's now a permanent feature, and it's about to open locations in sydney hong kong and dubai and it's even taking to the skies. >> we have one dedicated video that will be used by airlines on the online entertainment system folks can practice yoga during their flights in their seat. >> san francisco and o'hare airport have yoga rooms as well. it won't make the delays go away but may make them easier to endure. >> here at the big board. in long island, new york, she was fired for being honest and
4:43 pm
trying to keep the kids safe. gg kerns is a retired police officer and said the kids are required to do a lockdown drill and some of kids were not taking it seriously. >> one kid shouted we are doing this drill because of sandy hook. after the drill was over i brought the six kids that were misbehaving and brought the children out to talk to them. >> one parent complained to school staff saying she scared her kids and now there an online petition with signatures to help her get her job back. >> it's a photo essay of love lost that is tugging at hearts across social media they are celebrating their hero, a fallen norfolk, virginia police
4:44 pm
officer, in a poignant set of picture yous. >> once upon a time i fell in love with a police officer her daughter picks it up saying it they loved it so much they made me. and me and me said their to sons, together we had it all, we lived and we laughed and we loved and one day my daddy went to heaven the kids managing to smile after a year without their dad, the mom now a widow remaineding everyone the world lost normal hero and one day we are see him again and he is forever in our hearts. brian happy jones died in the line of duty in 2014, the navy veteran was ambushed by a man with a high powered rival shooting people at random and here you see his son carrying his uniform and carrying the american flag. >> they got the idea from a
4:45 pm
similar spread on pinterest. and a photographer donated her time and social media is so touched by this photo essay it's shared thousands of times. >> what a tribute way to keep his memory alive. lets get another check of the roads lets check in with matt pellman in the traffic center with an update. >> we are watching heavy traffic not surprisingly along the schuylkill expressway, in both directions really on the conshohocken curve it looks like this spot eastbound is heavier and the travel time is worse, over a half hour now to get out of town from the vine to the blue route that is more than double what it ideally would be, all the lanes are open and a lot of people are in them along the schuylkill expressway, and all lanes are open along the pennsylvania turnpike past mid county, a crash off to the side
4:46 pm
and speeds are in the 30s as you come away from valley forge to fort washington this noon. a crash at ambler area, and buck county a wreck along creamery road. and a union game at 7:30, at ppl park versus the rochester rhinos, some traffic headed in there and on the way home, the wramp from the northbound side of 295 to the blue route will be closed. that goes from 9:00 until 5:00 tomorrow morning. it's good because we see delays heading toward its one night tonight that ramp will close. we'll check it again coming up at 5:00. >> all right matt thanks. meteorologist, adam joseph has your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, that is next.
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you showed the incredible picture of a pop-up storm and it's totally sunny. that is what i used to say back in the day it's raining across the street and not here. you put your towel on the dry part, can you time it perfectly we'll do our best this afternoon, to keep you in the dry, as we look live on sky 6 down in cape may you can see the lifeguards are out and folks are in the water and the sun is shining and parts of cape may and wildwood are getting a downpour right now but not at this vantage point at the southern tip of cape may we look at double scan live radar most of the area is in the quiet, and it's hot and sunny sprinkles up to the lehigh valley, a cluster of downpours in the lehigh valley, so we'll
4:50 pm
head on a tour through double scan radar, this is a downpour pulling together between rancocas and mount holly and 206, and then the sunshine comes back out and cape may the downpour that just passed through wildwood and north wildwood and wildwood crest our cameras further down in cape may where the sun is shining, you don't move all that far to the north and have you the shower that pushed through. dew points above 70 in much of the area, that mean its feels oppressive out there you can feel the weight of the atmosphere and it's water molecules when they ring them out it literally pours, mid-70s millville to the boardwalk where we have the thunderstorms and where it has been drier, the dew points are lower west of philadelphia the heat index 89 in lancaster and 98 in dover and
4:51 pm
100 in sea isle city and feeling like 95 in philadelphia. but a break is coming in the form of a cold front not a lot of oomph with it. it's feeling tropical here and tropical between corpus christi and houston, what is where tropical storm bill made landfall the northeast section, the eye that is where you get the winds wrapping around and a spin in the atmosphere and winds sustained at 55 miles per hour and flooding rains again in texas and oklahoma. for us high pressure comes in and 84 and one day of relief before a warm front arrives wednesday morning and morning rain in the afternoon and temperature of 79 and the remnants of bill is on the southern end of a cold front in
4:52 pm
arkansas and southern parts of missouri. but will it fizzle down here or do we get a piece of it over the weekend? we'll have to watch it. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, comfortable tomorrow 84 degrees and a round of rain on thursday and 79 friday 89 degrees and scattered storms possible if we get a piece of the remnants of bill late saturday no early sunday, as we say hello to bill and muggy and 86 degrees on monday. time for summer storms that is why the accuweather team has come together and we'll have a weather special keeping you safe wednesday at 7:30 p.m. on channel 6. we'll go into different weather segments to show you the tools and technology how we forecast the storms. >> it's pretty awesome you have to see it. >> we'll learn about the computers back there. what they actually do.
4:53 pm
>> thanks adam. what is the deal is coming up next. ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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if you haven't got your tax refunds from the city of the philadelphia. are you not the only one. nydia han got to the bottom of it. >> when we file our taxes we want our refund checks asap but many people have contacted me saying what's the deal with the wage tax refunds. we filed in march and have not received. thanks for asking i have not gotten my check and i filed late march, and francis says i filed mid april and i talked to francis this week and still no
4:56 pm
check. i contacted philadelphia's revenue department, and officials confirm that the city is running behind why? because the delay is due to additional refund requests a change in the business income tax has generated an increase in refun requests and that is generating an increase in the wage refunds. people should receive the refunds in the next several weeks, that is the deal with the wage refund checks. keep me posted. i'm nydia han channel 6 "action news." >> nydia always gets the answers. for sara bloomquist, alicia vitarelli, and adam joseph we hope you'll join us for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00. here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead at 5:00. >> coming up at 5:00, the heat is on and the work has to
4:57 pm
continue, new jersey correspondent, nora muchanic is live with people that have to work outdoors are coping with the oppressive weather, philadelphia police are search fogger a suspect in a string of taxi cab thefts. sharrie williams has the full story, those stories are coming up next at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> the hot sun and humid conditions continue to plague our region it's another day of dealing with this oppressive weather and temperatures in the 90s, we are just trying to remember it's still spring tuesday night and the big story is the latest on the sweltering weather, accuweather says it's coming soon, we had a storm hit the jersey shore not too long ago captureling the dark clouds and heavy rain within the last hour and a half. cecily tynan is at the big board right now to talk about much needed relief. >> that is right there is a cold front pressing into our region aas we speak it's just moving into the poconos right now and it extends down to west virginia and this is what will
5:00 pm
shift the wins tomorrow out of the northwest bringing down cooler more comfortable air and sparking showers and downpours with the humidity so high it can ring out a lot of moisture from the atmosphere, so it goes from sunny and warm one hint to soaking rain the next. one cell crossing 206 in mount holly and lumberton, no grown strikes with this just an intense downpour and a scattered broken line of downpours moving out of the poconos right now across the northeast extension slatington heading into allentown and no lightning with this, just heavy downpours be all of this will bring us some relief we had some severe weather down the shore a severe thunderstorm warning was posted around atlantic city until 4:30, we have wind damage and south ocean


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